Why ECN?

Benefits of Working With Us

If you are a professional who works with young people, we believe our distinctive approach will equip you with a unique and wide ranging set of tools and practical skills that will enhance your personal and professional effectiveness. These are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy by working with us.

One. Our collective expertise and experience, working in both education and business, ensures that we understand the pressures of today’s workplace. We recognise the importance of meeting targets and inspection standards alongside the very real need to build positive, empowering relationships with young people.
Two. By combining coaching and mentoring training with NLP practices, we have created an especially powerful set of programmes that will enable you to make significant improvements in your performance, quickly and effectively.
Three. Unlike many superficial programmes and training methods, our approach will give you a rich understanding of why particular behaviours happen, as well as the skills and knowledge required to change them.
Four. As NLP Master Practitioners, we’ve studied the techniques we’ll be sharing with you at the highest level. You’ll be learning from tutors who truly understand the principles of NLP and are fluent in putting them into practice.

Five. The depth and range of our knowledge means we have the experience to fully relate to the challenges you’re facing when working with young people. We know how to build relationships with even the hardest to reach individuals, while our experience of business and leadership has shown us how these principles can also be used at a macro level, to improve the performance of teaching departments and organisations alike.

Six. Our training has a strong emphasis on applied workplace practice, so you will start seeing the benefits in ‘real life’ right from the start. And by using ECN to achieve professional qualifications, you will be benchmarking your professional development against nationally recognised standards.
Seven. Our training courses and programmes can be tailored to your specific needs or those of your organisation, filling the skills and knowledge gaps left by generic training that has become the standard. You can be confident that your time with ECN will be productive and have a direct and positive impact on your work.
Eight. The qualifications you will gain through us are accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management, the largest European provider of leadership and management qualifications. Our expertise in delivering these programmes means that you will benefit from in-depth knowledge of the assessment criteria you’ll need to meet.
Nine. With ECM you have the flexibility to study topics that are most relevant to your own role and personal development. Core themes include working with people, facilitating innovation and change, achieving results and effective use of resources.
Ten. As you develop and apply your own coaching and mentoring skills, you will encourage a coaching and mentoring culture in your organisation.
Eleven. By developing the skills of highly successful leaders, you’ll be accelerating your move into senior management. Often, leaders and managers have no training for their role, so it should come as no surprise that according to a December 2013 YouGov Survey, teacher morale continues to fall.

How We Do It

Experience ECN’s Unique Approach

At Exemplar Coaching Network (ECN) we combine the power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming with the latest coaching techniques to create positive change in the lives of young people and those who work with them.

How we do it
Our distinctive approach will provide you with a unique and wide-ranging set of tools and practical skills that will help you to better manage and change behaviour patterns in both yourself and others. As a result, you will become more effective at what you do, increasing your job satisfaction and improving your professional relationships.

Through ECN Programmes You Will

Discover new ways to overcome the professional and personal obstacles you face, so you can achieve your goals sooner and more easily. Learn practical strategies for successfully transforming challenging behaviours in others. Master coaching and mentoring techniques that will enable you to bring about positive shifts in the way others think and act. Encourage self-reliance in young people by nurturing independent learning both in and outside the classrooms, so they build self-confidence and come to embrace a ‘can do’ attitude. Inspire others to act and take control of their lives, so they extend their personal boundaries and improve their performance in ways they never expected to.

With ECM you will have the flexibility to study topics that are most relevant to your particular role and professional and personal development, from leadership, delegation and communication, through to the management of change and innovation.

When they come with so many benefits, why not find out more about the range of programmes that we offer and the professional qualifications that we can help you achieve?

Call the ECN team on 0844 8708 132 or email us at info@exemplarcoachingnetwork.com.


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