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“If you want to go fast, go alone – if you want to go far, go together.”

African Proverb

Mission Statement

ECN ignites the potential of those looking to create significant and positive change in themselves. Whatever your personal or professional goals and ambitions, our unique transformative coaching and mentoring techniques, together with our training programmes, can offer the precise skills and support you need to create a new future.

ECN – A Passion for Training

Exemplar Coaching Network is an innovative coaching and training company that brings together the skills, knowledge and expertise of a select team of coaches and educators, all with a passion to inspire and motivate young people and the professionals who teach them.

about us
Established in 2009, our training offers a unique combination of coaching and mentoring skills with the power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques.

Our collective experience in business, education and coaching means that whatever your current role or future ambitions, we understand the skills you need for success.

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Joe Constant
Joe Constant Director, Coach, NLP Master Practitioner

As a qualified coach and NLP master practitioner, my passion lies in helping others make positive, lasting change to their lives. So, whether I’m delivering coaching to young people disillusioned with school, or working with education professionals who want to be the best they can, I’m totally focused on helping them overcome the challenges they face.

Lisa Pascoe
Lisa Pascoe Coach, Educational Consultant, Facilitator
After 25 years experience working in both education and business, I have an in-depth understanding of how to help individuals and organisations develop creatively. My approach is personal, practical and supportive. And as someone who’s qualified in coaching and leadership to post-graduate level, I know how to plan and deliver coaching programmes both to young people and their teachers. I’ve also coached members of school leadership teams as part of the Specialist Leaders in Education Programme.

Ron Piper
Ron Piper Educational Consultant, Coach, NLP Master Practitioner
I’m a teacher with significant experience working as part of school leadership teams. I’ve also worked with the National College for Teaching and Leadership, facilitating training for the National Professional Qualifications for Middle and Senior Leadership. As an NLP master practitioner, I know how powerful NLP techniques can be in creating the transformational change that can really help not just young people and my fellow teachers, but also the schools and colleges they learn and work in.
Joe McCready
Joe McCready Coach, ILM Level 7 Coaching and Mentoring
My interest lies in developing people, whether it be in business or education. All of us have potential within ourselves just waiting to be tapped. Maybe it has been tapped already – this begs a question, how much better can you be? My role as a coach is to help people realise that they have this potential within. To this end, I am undertaking research as part of a Professional Diploma in Elite Performance (D.Prof.EP) to critically examine coaching behaviours.
Gill Williams
Gill Williams Teacher, trainer, facilitator
Working in education for over thirty years, I have supported teachers and staff in nurseries, primary and secondary schools. As a trainer and coach, I have been involved in delivering a number of government funded programmes including The National Award for SEN Coordination, where coaching is an essential part of the support.

If you’re keen to unlock the true potential of yourself and others, call the ECN team on 0844 8708 132 or email us at info@exemplarcoachingnetwork.com and discover how we can help you improve your professional and personal performance as someone who works with young people.

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