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A Unique Training Alternative for Those Who Work With Young People

Exemplar Coaching Network (ECN) is an innovative training company that combines coaching and mentoring methods and techniques with the power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), to help those who teach and work with young people make the most of their talents.

With ECN you will develop skills that will not only accelerate your own professional development, but give you the opportunity to acquire nationally recognised professional qualifications that demonstrate your expertise.

You will discover how to

  • Work more effectively, by using key leadership and management skills to your advantage
  • Become an expert in coaching and mentoring, inspiring and supporting both colleagues and young people in achieving their goals
  • Optimise your performance, both for your own benefit and that of the organisation you work for
  • Gain practical insight into the techniques of successful leaders and accelerate your move into senior management
  • Develop an NLP driven culture within your organisation to improve its overall performance and create a more effective, nurturing environment

Watch this short video of ECN course leaders in action

Joe Constant leading the course

Who We Work With

The range of ECN’s training means that we are able to provide appropriate coaching and mentoring programmes, whatever your role or organisation.

That’s why we are chosen by

  • Head teachers who understand the benefits of equipping their staff with effective and empowering people management techniques
  • Teachers who want to be more effective in supporting students towards their academic and personal goals
  • Youth workers who are motivated to unlock the full potential of the young people they work with
  • Those looking to explore career opportunities outside teaching by adding to their professional skills and competencies

  • Individuals looking to start or progress their own career as a coach or mentor

Who we work with


So, if you’re frustrated by your work being disrupted by confrontation and negativity, or you’re looking for new ways to improve the effectiveness of your organisation, get in touch with Exemplar Coaching Network and experience the power of NLP coaching and mentoring to get the results you want. Call us on 0844 8708 132 or email info@exemplarcoachingnetwork.com.

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